ESKIE - Used Polyfoam Box for Frozen Food 20kg

ESKIE - Used Polyfoam Box for Frozen Food 20kg

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This polyfoam box chilly bin will keep your frozen food without thawing for sometime.

One eskie* (chilly bin) may fit by volume for e.g.:

  • maximum of 6 boxes of 2.72kg Dr Billinghurst B.A.R.F. or
  • maximum of 20 x 1kg portion packs of Canine Country BARF
  • maximum of 24 x 1kg rolls of Canine Country mince / BARF
  • This type of Eskie is not designed to keep your frozen food for a prolonged period of time.
  • Eskie should be placed away from direct sunlight to the most shaded, coolest area
  • Convenient, inexpensive and lightweight container that maintains temperature and humidity levels
  • Clean periodically inside with warm soapy water and dry in the shade for longer service

NOTE: This product only sold with frozen food orders

ATTENTION: This is a used box in good or average condition, disinfected prior the shipment to you of your frozen food order.

It can have marks, dents, scratches,some cracks and general wear and tear

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