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Pet Usuals VIP Savings Club - SAVE with us on pet food!

Register as a member today to receive Pet Usuals VIP CARD. Save on Pet Products every time you shop with Pet Usuals!

Welcome to Pet Usuals Savings Club! Join today and start saving with every order!

5% discount on everything in store

Register as a member today to receive  VIP Card 


Q: How can I become a VIP Club Member?
A: Simply go to VIP Card and request one today. Please checkout with a complete customer registrationYou will receive a notification of your status being upgraded to VIP Savings level.

Q: Will I see the discount applied to my order straight away?
A: As soon as you receive a confirmation from us of your VIP Savings level,
    you can go ahead and make your first order with the applicable discount.
Q: How much does the membership cost?
A: One off $10 non-refundable set up fee. VIP account setup purchases are non-refundable. The VIP account status set up is yours  once purchased against your account with us, even if you decide to cancel it.
Q: What benefits do I get?
A: We regularly offer incredible bargains to our loyal customers.
    We simply give you a better deal every time you shop.
- Daily savings on the full range of all products
- Exclusive offers*
- FREE samples*
- Updates on new product releases*
- 48 hours sales*

Q: How often do I have to make a purchase to maintain my discount level?*

A: You need simply make at least one purchase within 60 days.*

Q: Can I purchase two or more VIP cards one for me and one for somebody else who receives or collects orders on my behalf?
A: Yes you can, however the discount applicable will be the same (e.g. you cannot buy 2 cards or more and get 10% discount combined)
Q: Do I need to enter my VIP card number when ordering online?
A: Yes you do need to enter your VIP card number, it linked to your account and the discount calculated upon checkout automatically.
Q: I lost my VIP card number! What to do?
A: Simply call our office for help with your account.

*Pet Usuals reserves the right to suspend, terminate, override or change the terms and conditions of the VIP Savings Club at any time, or cancel your VIP status at any time without any notice or notification to you. Our Terms & Conditions can supersede any of above.

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