Dog Bed Metall Frame - Alteration of Steel Frame Service

Dog Bed Metall Frame - Alteration of Steel Frame Service

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Dog Bed Metal Frame - Repair Service - Alteration of Steel Frame Size in our office a convenient way to amend your dog's bed and to avoid  buying a new, bigger dog's bed frame*. We can also increase or decrease height of the bed legs at a small additional cost $5.

Is your dog's favorite bed steel frame become too small after your puppy have grown?

We can fix it for you*. Purchase this service, we will call you to organise the Welder's Repair Service (Alteration) time and when you can bring the bed frame to us for the alteration to be done*.

No risk offer - if you will not be happy with the repair work we will return your money back (for this service product only).

Testimonials to the service:

"This is a fantastic option. We have two dogs and their beds were close to each other and often one dog would jump on one of the beds and the tail of the other dog would be there since the first bed had not enough space, then I have decided to get the bigger size beds for them. What a pity..I have just bought these two steel frame dog beds!The prospective of spending more than three hundred dollars on the new dog bed set did not sounded well, really.. Then I have found Pet Usuals service and it was prompt and they did a very good job for the alteration of the old frame sizes at a very much so reasonable cost! All I did afterwards I have installed the the webbing on the altered size beds and I have placed couple of large dog mattresses on top. This is now the King Size dog beds! Awesome guys, thank you very much! Keep up the good job!"

Tony, Brisbane

* T&Cs applied, steel frame may be deemed unsuitable for altering or repair in the case of major damage or severe bends of the frame or when metal is worn or due to the major corrosion

*Warranty 6 months on altered parts and welded joints