Custom Built Dog Enclosure, Comfortable

Custom Built Dog Enclosure, Comfortable

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Custom Built Dog Enclosure, Comfortable

Custom built metal (steel) frame external dog enclosure adopted for your dog size.

(When placing an order for this product, please at the checkout in comments section supply the desirable size of your custom built dog enclosure, we will then call you shortly with the quote when we have organised our friendly Welder Service to produce Custom Built Dog Enclosure, Comfortable) This product can be built for the specific size of your area where you keep the dog (or dogs) (this is a huge advantage when you are trying to maximise use of the available space on your property).

Please note: the price you are paying is the call out fee only and the free quote for the materials and the welder's labour cost will be given to you before the work on you Custom Built Dog Enclosure, Comfortable will commence.

Coating of metal frame - Black Matte or Silver

Benefits of this product:

Strong steel construction.

Mesh on all sides and the door, fully ventilated construction.

Log on the enclosure door.

Additional attachments can be added to the final product at extra cost (e.g. washing boom, additional window for the feeder, hook for the dog's apparel, removable side screens, castor wheels for easy movement on the pavement, additional ramp for dogs or puppies, ventilated roof top, sun protection.

* T&Cs applied, Brisbane, Gold Coast area only

*Warranty 1 year on workmanship

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